Hotmail: a main account creates 5 virtual accounts

Microsoft has launched a new alias email feature for all users of the company’s email service Hotmail recently. This feature allows users create 5 virtual email addresses and manage them from a single main account.


This free feature was applied to all Windows Live Hotmail accounts around the world. This is a pioneering innovation surpassing Gmail – the biggest rival of Hotmail currently and has many features that Hotmail need to follow.

Most of people who use Internet frequently, use two or three or more email addresses and this also caused a lot of fuss in account management. Dividing the email address to for appropriate needs is essential, but the inconvenience to increase proportionally with the number of email accounts that each person has.

Windows Live Hotmail Aliases feature will resolve this issue. It helps create completely different email addresses that you can use to receive email into main accountwithout anyone else knowing your main account.

In essence, Microsoft providesonline users the ability to create a cover to prevent spam and protect your identity more efficiently. For example, you have a Hotmail account with address (or @ but do not want others know this real email address when registering on forums or websites, you can create 5 virtual email addresses from your main account If someone sends an email to your virtual address, it will be taken directly to the main address. Whereby the address is always safe from email scanning machine to send spam or any nosy guys having eye on your information.

Currently, Microsoft allows each user to create 5 virtual account numbers for one year and a maximum of virtual account up to 50. The management of virtual email accounts in mailbox of primary account is also quite easy.

How to create and manage virtual email address

To create a new virtual email address from your main account, click here and set a username for the virtual address.


After creating a virtual email address, the email sent to this address will be automatically transferred to the Inbox of your primary email address. Search for keyword”to:” and you can see a list of e-mail sent to the virtual address.

However to select messages automatically, you can set a filter rule by going to Options (top right corner), choose More Options. In the Customizing Hotmail, click Rules for sorting new messages then select New. Continue to follow the instructions to select two options include: Only apply to and Move to a new folder



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