Hotmail updates a new feature

Microsoft has updated a new feature to Hotmail in the development process of 5th edition of Windows Live. This feature helps your emails appear immediately without losing time to wait for download. You will find it more convenient to view multiple emails constantly.
This feature is called “Message Pre-loading”. When you choose to view an email, Hotmail will automatically preload some next emails and email folders in the mailbox. As you read the next email to or choose to view a different folder, you’ll be amazed as it appeared immediately without having to wait about a second as before.
To enable this feature, go to your mailbox, select Options located in the upper right, then click More Options. In the Options page, go to the Reading email section then select the “Conversations and faster reading” line located near the bottom of the page. Then, simply tick the “Pre-load messages to speed up reading” and click Save to complete.

Besides the new features above, Windows Live also has some slight changes at the top. Previously, the header has four entries: Hotmail, Messenger, Office, Photos. Now there are just three items is Hotmail, Messenger, and Skydrive, Office and Photos section have been included in the Sky drive. This shows that Microsoft wants users to focus more on Skydrive because it is the gathering place of both Office and Photos. In addition, Microsoft is probably making the web version of Windows Live sync with Windows Phone because all documents, photos on Windows Phone are under one roof that is Skydrive.

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