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The appearance of Internet brought a lot of conveniences in human’s lives with many its utilities. And one of these utilities is new forms of advertising – viral marketing. This is actually one of the basic forms of advertising strengthened by the connectivity of the new technologies and Hotmail is one of the most basic examples of viral marketing.

Hotmail – a free telegraphicand electronic web-basedservice, is one of the most basic examples of viral marketing on the Internet.It was started by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in July 1996. By the end of the month Hotmail had more than 20,000 subscribers. In January 1997 the one millionth subscriber signed up with Hotmail.

By automatically attaching a line of service “sign up and use e-mail services free from Hotmail”, and distributing a transmission line connected to the home page at the end of the message. Hotmail ensure that users are transmitting your message just by communicating with each other.

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Hotmail may prove this problem simply by sending e-mails to their relatives. Within 18 months of operation, there are 12 million people registered to use this brand in no costs for advertising

Hotmail has become a brand of Microsoft now, and costs a lot of money on marketing. However Hotmail continued to grow and spread by transferring every single e-mail into a marketing tool and each consumer of this service as a brand ambassador.

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The secrets of success:

+ Unified message: with Hotmail, marketing and service messages are fused together so that the user can spread yourself.

+ Viral marketing: Today everyone has a system of e-mail greater than any one other means. By communicating with each other via Hotmail, users can automatically makethemselves a viral marketing tool for this brand.


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The fact of the brand:

  1. Hotmail is the most successful brands built on viral marketing campaigns
  2. The words “Please sign up and use free e-mail services from Hotmail” is still attached in each of Hotmail messagesand attract more users every day.
  3. Hotmail currently has over 187 million users in the world.

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