How to add email address to hotmail contacts

Like the chat softwares such as Zalo, Skype … the online email services also support creating a list of email for users to manage and operate faster. If Zalo or Skype has friend list, Hotmai also provides the option of adding a new email address to your contacts.

Addinga new email on Hotmail contacts helps you send email faster instead of typing the email address at first. In this way you will not have to bother typing each email addresswhen you want to send a new message.

Here are the simple steps to add an email address to your Hotmail contacts

Step 1: Log in to your Hotmail account

Choose the icon as shown.A new page will open with a bunch of categories. Click the red box that says “People“.


Step 2: In My contacts -> Choose New.


Step 3: Enter the required information such First name, Last name, Phone numbers … and Email address is the most important one. After entering email address -> Click on Save button


Thus, a new email address has been added to your Hotmail contacts.

To edit that address -> Tick on the box beside it -> Select features include Edit, Delete, Add to Favorites


With the simple steps, and you can add new email addresses to your Hotmail contacts. To secure your Hotmail address better, you should regularly change your Hotmail password to prevent the information in your mailbox stolen.Goodluck!


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