How to Import Contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook to Yahoo! Mail

The most worrying problem when switching to use other webmail is you unable to bring a list of email contacts from your old mailbox. This is why Yahoo! Mail adds feature that allows users to import contacts from Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail or Facebook.

After logging in to new created Yahoo! Mail inbox, you click the Get started link below the New! Import your Contacts from other accounts to Yahoo! line. What’s new card to exploit this new feature.

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In the Contacts tab that appears, click the Facebook, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail icon corresponding to account that you want to import the contacts into Yahoo! Mail. Here I choose Gmail.


Select the account you want to import your contacts to Yahoo! Mail

In Step 1 window – Select Source opens, type Gmail address and password to Email Address and Password box under Gmail /Google Mail.

If you want to import more contacts from your Windows Live Hotmail account, your AOL or Orkut, tick the option Hotmail / Windows Live / MSN, AOL, or Orkut, then enter your address and password of respective account in Email Address and Password box below.

Similarly, tickAnother Yahoo! Contactoption if you want to import more contacts from previous Yahoo! Mail account, and then fill information in the two boxes below.

A desktop email program (Outlook, AppleMail)option allows you to import contacts from email accounts set in the mail client (such as Outlook) basedcsvor vcf file (press the Browse button and select that file).

Under the More Services fieldis seven other services that you can choose to import contacts into Yahoo! Mail, including:, Comcast, EarthLink,, Laposte, Verizon,

When you have selected, check the I give Yahoo! permission to send box… and then click the Continue button to start the process of getting contacts from the accounts you want to import io your Yahoo! Mail.


Provide login information of account that you want to import contacts into Yahoo! Mail.

When the Step 2- Select Contacts to Import window appears, all the contact email address received from other accounts are preselected to import into Yahoo! Mail. Of course, you can uncheck the email address that you does not want to import, then click the Import button.


Choose email address you want to import to Yahoo! Mail

Go to the Step 3 – Notify window, you just can inform your friends about the new Yahoo! Mail address by checking email addresses of those who want to inform or tick the Select all box to select all, then edit the content of messages in Subject field: I have a new email address Yahoo! (or keep the content prepared), and then click Finish button.


Inform friends to know about your new Yahoo! Mail address.


  • According to the test, importing contacts from Gmail account sometimes impossible.
  • Import contacts feature above is not available in Yahoo! Mail Classic version.




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