Microsoft Releases Official Version of Window Live Hotmail

Microsoft intends to officially terminate the trial process of the free web-mail service Windows Live Hotmail lasted 24 months on May 7.

In fact, Microsoft has stopped testing and released the official version of Windows Live Hotmail in certain markets.

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The goal of Windows Live Hotmail service is replacing a pre-existing Hotmail service and contributing to Microsoft’s development strategy on Live service platforms. However, Microsoft decided not to abandon Hotmail and renamed the service to Windows Live Hotmail.


Through the trial process, Microsoft has offered many new technologies, and allows users to easily access via the Web, on mobile phones or e-mail client. Products are built on the foundation of Microsoft AJAX.

“We’re ready to offer Windows Live Hotmail to the more than 20 million MSN Hotmail accounts” Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of Microsoft, said.

Windows Live HotmailFeatures

Windows Live Hotmail is designed with interface that is identical to famous email applications on PC – Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. The mailbox now includes a preview window like Outlook email.


Through the direct testings,some initial users found that the interface operated smoothly and responsed time requirements very quickly. This is the result of the application of AJAX technology. Users can customize their mailbox as they want.


AJAX technology also contributes to create an unique feature that is identical to applications on the PC.Users can now right-click on each email to see the options as Reply, Forward … We also can not ignore the “drag-and-drop” feature. Users can freely drag and drop email from a folder into other like the way they did with Outlook. The copying and moving email have been simplified.

The Storage of Windows Live Hotmail mailbox currently is 2GB. In addition, the service is also available for mobile phones.

The security of the service has also been enhanced with adeepermalware scanning feature or  warning ability about phishing emails.

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