Sober attacks Hotmail and MSN

A new variant of the Sober virus known for the name Win32/Sober.Z@mm is raging on the Hotmail and MSN servers by loading incredible emails in bulk, delays sending and receive emails of clients using Hotmail and MSN.

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The security experts said that when sending an email to the Hotmail and MSN accounts, some customers of Comcast has been notified that their email not received. However, Microsoft said that all their email, only a few delayed, the rest were sent successfully.

Microsoft’s spokesman said the problem was uncovered early last week, but there is no unit makes plans to fix this problem.

Sober virus appeared for the first time in 2003 and possibly attacks on computers running Windows and forcing them to send spam back. This constantly sending can lead to overloading servers and reducing speed of the network. Last month, a variant of Sober has been detected while spreading through email attachments and images from user’s old friend.

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