Some tips when using Part 2 is a new webmail service of Microsoft, which is accompanied by plenty of useful features such as automatic synchronization of contacts, drafting manipulation, mail faster speed… In this article, we will continue to show you more tips to use easily.

  1. Enhance security for account:

An email account is one of the important elements in our online jobs. If one day you are unable to access to your account, then how can restore it?

First, you should install a good anti-virus tools on the computer. After the installation is complete, scan your entire computer and try to log in to hotmail account again. If still not, you should reset your password immediately via this address


To prevent this in the future, you should create a strong password when using Outlook. Make sure that your password must have at least 8 characters or more, do not use the user name, company name, date of birth … to make your password.

Setting different passwords for different accounts besides incorporating uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols (such as #, * …). To change your password, visit address


Outlook or Microsoft will never ask you to enter your password again, so do not reply to these emails or send back any information, even if they ask for compensation from Outlook or Microsoft.

Be careful when signing in to your Outlook account from a public computer or when using the wireless network not guaranteed. If you regularly use public computers or wireless connection, you should enable HTTPS protocol to be safer. To change the protocol used, access to address, then select the protocol you want to use and click Save to save the settings.


Alternatively, you can request a code to log in only once from a public computer. This is a pretty good choice when signing into an email account on an unfamiliar computer. To do this, in login page, click the Sign in with a single-use code link.


Meanwhile, will automatically send a code to your phone number to log in only once. Note that in order to get the code, you must set up a phone number when sign up account, or you can update your account information to add your phone number before using this feature.

To secure account in the best, you should update more information to your account as entering an alternative email address, phone number or a security question.


To do this, first visit and log in to your Outlook again. Here, there are items you should note that such as Phone number, Alternate email address, Trusted PC or Security Question.

In each item, you simply click the Add button to add the relevant information, and must always remember exactly this information to be able to regain the use of accounts soon if other people accidentally break in.

  1. Remove account completely:

While most users are quite satisfied with the Metro uncluttered and airy interface of, then there may be some people for some reason they want to remove the account, then how?

Note that when you close the account, username, password, personal information … will be permanently deleted. So you will not be able to use this account for the Microsoft’s service or access to Hotmail contacts anymore. To delete an account, follows the steps:

First, sign in to your Outlook with an email address that you want to delete. Click on the gear icon at the right corner and click More mail settings.


In Managing Your Account section, click on the Account details (password, addresses, time zone) option to update your account information as well as closing the account completely. You must login again to confirm this, then in the new page that appears, simply scroll down and click on Close account option.


Before closing the account completely, enter the password to authenticate your account and click Next to continue. In the new page that appears, click on deactivate your Hotmail account link and click Close account to close your account and delete all the information.

Please note that Microsoft will retain your email address within 270 days after closing the account, and the new user will not be able to register this email address. After that time period, this email address will be available for other users to register.


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