Some tips when using Outlook Part 1 is a new webmail service of Microsoft, which is accompanied by plenty of useful features such as automatic synchronization of contacts, drafting manipulation, mail faster speed, …. The following article will show you 2 useful tips to use easily.

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  1. Recover deleted emails in

When you delete an email, it will automatically be moved to the Deleted folder in the mailbox, which help you can easily restore emails when required. However, if you accidentally delete all emails in this folder, then how to restore it?


Don’t worry because offers an option that allows you to restore all the deleted emails. To recover, access the Deleted folder in the mailbox, then you just need to click the Recover Deleted messages option. will try to recover all deleted emails from the Inbox. If you do not see the emails that you want to recover, it would mean that they has been removed completely. Once the recovery process is complete, you should move these emails in your inbox or any folder.

  1. Block an email address in

If you get too much spam or email from someone, you can add this address to the blocked senders list, so that you will not receive emails from these addresses later. To do this, click the gear icon at the right corner and select More mail inbox settings. In Preventing junk email, click to the Blocked Senders and Safe link.


Here, you can add to a specific email address or a any domain name (what follows ‘@’ in an email address), and then click Add to list to add to the blocked list. The email sent from these addresses are automatically deleted from the Inbox. Conversely, to remove any address from the blocked senders list, select it and click Remove from list.


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