Windows Live Hotmail Review

Windows Live Hotmail, commonly known as Hotmail, is a free and popular webmail service of Microsoft, a part of the Windows Live services group. The images below will show you the various stages of Hotmail changes from 1997 up to now.


Microsoft acquired Hotmail in May 12, 1997, with about 8 million users. Hotmail is considered the pioneer of free email, and now it serves as the foundation of Microsoft’s Windows Live services.


The first test version, codenamed Kahuna at the meeting of financial analysts in July 2005.


Hotmail first appearance in 2006, before Windows Live is completed.


First test version (beta) of Windows Live Mail, before the end of the beta in April 2006. Microsoft has returned the name Hotmail and combined into Windows Live Hotmail.


To avoid fresh feeling from users, Microsoft has changed interface to the classic. It is suitable for slower network connections and the default setting for users.


This is the current interface of Windows Live Hotmail


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